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Support and challenge your people to change the world

"We've built this business by merging 16 companies over a 5 year period. Now is the time to bring all those different ways of thinking about leadership, management, people and performance together in one 'unified' approach. How can you help us?"


So began our relationship with a £150 million, 2000 employee technology business.

We helped:


  • Build and establish a performance culture within their management talent.   

  • Develop a set of leadership principles.

  • Engage, empower and enable 50 key managers to follow those principles.

  • Train their people in commercial awareness, communication skills and negotiation.

  • Help the managers' managers to deliver massive change throughout the business.



We have worked with them for the last 8 years, and still work with them today.


Development is about performance improvement - if you don't build action into every initiative you miss the point.

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