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Present with Impact

A great idea presented badly has no future; 

a bad idea presented brilliantly has a chance to succeed.  

Have you ever suspected that your commercial expertise is being undersold sometimes?


Do you wonder if your people could present your products and services with more clarity and impact?


Do you think that the presentation of your business lacks 'punch' for the great work that your people do?


If you don't want bad ideas to rule the world, you just have to present your ideas better than the rest of the people in your field.


If you want to help your people and your business land those key messages with a real splash then maybe we're the team to talk to.


We can train your people, polish your support materials, and look to sharpen your internal and external messaging, marketing and sales efforts.




A great presentation starts with the story and ends with the speaker. 


Jim Harvey

If you want to present with more impact, we wrote the book three times over.

Our job is to help our clients stand out from the crowd every time they stand up to speak. We've been doing it for years and it's how we built our business from start-up in 1991 to multi-million pound consultancy today. We had no brand, no reputation, no offices, no track record, and we were all young, so we had to present better than our well established competitors.


The tricks that we learned for ourslves way back when we still had knees that didn't creak have formed the basis of our work today. We know how you can outsell even the McKinseys and Accentures of this world. Let us show you how.

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