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Manage Performance

Great people need a careful balance of support and challenge to develop to their fullest potential

The right feedback, delivered in the right way, encourages and continues their development as they advance through their careers.

But unless your managers have the right skills and training, how can they have honest, constructive discussions with their team about their performance?


Our performance management training helps ambitious businesses introduce an encouraging, empowering culture that can help them become more successful.

More than 65% of managers in the UK and US don't get the performance feedback they want and need.


If we don't challenge even our best people, 

we contribute to their decay.


Great businesses have a simple, practical and effective performance management system that their people trust and believe in.

If your performance management system is lacking – or even non-existent – talk to us. We can create a bespoke appraisal, talent development and learning academy that works for your business, using the building blocks below.


Create a simple, effective and easy-to-use appraisal, competency or performance management framework.


Train all of your people to use it, from the board to the front-line.


Develop a bespoke academy to help you challenge your best people and support those who need it.


Build a high-performance culture of coaching and development.

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