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Keep your people ahead of the learning curve with our blended learning approach and our unique InfoBursts™ system


InfoBursts™ is our unique insight into engaging, bite-size learning for brilliant people:  a high-tech, low maintenance way to help your business upskill and reskill to stay ahead of constant change in our fast-moving world.

With this proven next generation of e-learning, we can help you create those short bursts of knowledge, insight and wisdom, quickly and in a way that helps your connected, next-gen people 'get it' whenever and wherever they want.




eLearning has revolutionised agile, responsive and mobile approaches to knowledge management and skills transfer in the workplace.


The Message Business is at the leading edge of this revolution.

We’ve built our eLearning approach around the latest thinking in eLearning, mobile and blended technologies, to help you maximise your return on your people investment.


information with your people


that they've got it


your business

If you need a new way of working, or a client update delivered to 10,000 people all over the world by the next business day, we're set up to help you do just that.

Memo Trainer

All reinforced by smartphone based 'MemoTrainer' to remind, reiterate and re-emphasize all of those key messages that get left in the classroom.



Prepare new starters before they join your business


Transfer existing skills and expertise from your best people.


Share new ways of working and critical processes.


Keep your people up to date with the latest technical and people skills


Just imagine the unlimited results within reach for your business if only your people could learn and polish new skills wherever and whenever it suited them.

Now imagine having real-time analytics that enable you to continually measure the progress and skill level of your people.

Our eLearning tools make it possible. Get in touch to find out how you can do all this and boost engagement for an affordable monthly cost

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