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Our Clients

25 years experience with these great companies

We've helped organisations change, launch new products, explain new ways of working, consult on major initiatives and a hundred other things.



We have helped amazing businesses engage with their employees, customers, stakeholders and investors in some very challenging events for over 25 years.


PN, Mercer Ltd

DS, Waterland Associates

RS, JP Morgan

SM, LEGO Group

SS, Bourton Group

"They are excellent facilitators who quickly engage audiences and remain unfazed in quite challenging situations."


"Their ability to understand, interpret and build the type of development interventions needed, has added value to the business each and every time."


"I knew what I wanted to say, but they have an annoying knack of saying it better and sounding more sincere than I do. They just have a way with words..."


"By far the best speaker that we have had and in fact one of the best that I have seen in general."


"Energetic and engaging speakers and facilitators. They spend time understanding the needs and the group dynamics and suggest creative training interventions."


"Working with groups, they have an outstanding ability to engage, energise and encourage."

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