Applying the latest technology to classic learning theory

Online - is so last century

Most online learning is stuck fast in the 20th Century.  It's expensive to produce, hard to share, difficult to use and pretty generic in approach. That's all changed over the past few years as communication technology has revolutionised the way we develop and share all kinds of content. Our expertise can help your business keep ahead of the learning curve by giving you original, relevant and timely content to help you:

  • Onboard new starters.

  • Transfer existing expertise from your most skilled workers .   

  • Share new ways of working.

  • Keep your managers up to date with processes trends and thinking .

  • Allow your people to learn wherever and whenever it suited them.

If you could do all this while keeping costs low and engagement high, with real time analytics to allow you to measure the progress and skill level of your people, you'd probably be interested to learn more wouldn't you?

InfoBursts TM

We've created little bursts of learning and published them as our 60 in 60 Series.


That's 60 core people and professional skills, from Appraisal to Zero Sum Accounting delivered in fascinating, engaging and expandable 60 second bursts.

InfoBursts TM are our unique way to help your business upskill and reskill to meet the ever-increasing demands of constant change.


Increased retention through repeated learning via email, text and VM messaging


Memo Training TM

MemoTrainer™ integrates the theory of Ebbinghaus ‘retention through repetition’ in a unique way in an online learning solution. The system trains knowledge in a personalized way so learners remember more and pass their courses quicker. Ebbinghaus claimed repetition was the key to not forgetting. He formulated a scheme that made sure knowledge was being stored in the long term memory. MemoTrainer™ is based on this scheme

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